Virtual Server

A virtual server is a server that shares hardware and software resources with other operating systems. Because they are cost-effective and provide faster resource control, virtual servers are popular in Web hosting environments.

Virtual Server

Virtualization is the process of transitioning stored data files, folders, applications, software and other information from central processing units (CPUs) to virtual servers and cloud environments. Once the transition of all this data is complete, what you have is a virtualized replacement for hard disk drives (HDDs) and outdates operating systems (OSs). The replacement is entirely virtualized and offers faster input and output (I/O) than traditional HDD storage through virtual servers. The new virtualization also requires data abstraction—reducing complex data structures down to only their core components so they use less space and still function in their original form. This makes data more portable and therefore easier to use to create a virtual database within virtualized environments. Developers use data abstractions to create easily navigable frameworks other users can add to over time within a virtualized infrastructure living on the Internet and hosted by a virtual server.

Why Chuhiya

Associated with Asia's largest Tier 4 Datacenter.

Ready to Move

Chuhiya has all the space you need for your computing, storage, telecom and application server equipment. Our associated green datacenters with innovative and power efficient cooling backed by redundant power systems, network facilities, physical security measures, and much more are all set up and waiting, ready for your business.


Datacenters currently boast more than 3Gbps of internet bandwidth with a choice of major service providers as carriers. There’s enough dark fibre waiting to be lit up to satisfy even the most demanding needs for a decade. And all our cabling is structured to be redundant with BGP4 for super quick routing.

Home Court Advantage

Chuhiya has its major operations in many cities worldwide. This gives us a unique strategic advantage, enabling us to offer you the kind of ultra low latency.

All the power you need

Datacenters we associated are the only ones with dual active unique power sources. Add to this dual redundant generator sets that can power the entire datacenter for up to a week, dual redundant UPS systems and dual power to the rack and you have truly uninterruptible power supply.

High Security

Datacenters are designed and built to handle all sorts of threats. Our physical Security measures are unimpeachable. Biometrics, video surveillance, armed guards and everything else you need. Our Gas-based fire suppression system turns on within 10 seconds of detecting heat while fire rated partition walls isolate different zones and control any fires.

Unmatched Savings

Associated with the largest datacenters in Asia and large purchasing volumes, It is able to pass on huge economies of scale to you. Our premium service commitments with carriers and major OEMs means better pricing while our innovative cooling solutions ensure 40% lower power costs.

Features of a Virtual Server

  • The hardware compatibility of the virtual machine is the same as the default hardware compatibility setting configured in Workstation preferences. By default, the default hardware compatibility setting is the installed Workstation version.
  • One processor and one processor per core. Workstation chooses the execution mode for the virtualization engine based on the guest operating system and the host CPU.
  • One IDE CD/DVD drive, which is configured to connect at power on and autodetect a physical drive on the host system.
  • One virtual network adapter, which is configured to connect at power on and use network address translation (NAT). With NAT networking, the virtual machine shares the IP address of the host system.
  • Shared folders and remote access by VNC clients are disabled.
  •  The virtual machine is not encrypted.

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